See Us -Lapinlahti

See Us -Lapinlahti

See Us -Lapinlahti. Krista Virtanen Design. Welcome to Krista´s world. Handcrafted unique pieces made in Lapinlahti Helsinki.Krista Virtanen is a Finnish fashion and textile designer. She drives to find solutions to textile production and circular loop. Her clothes bring sustainable and ecological thinking through art. We want to bring art closer to the human body. Art and creativity should be fun. The goal is that you will have a garment that you fall in love with, it is your favorite and that is a reason why you want to keep it in your closet many years and repair it. VALUES – The brand combines art and fashion in a sustainable way. Sustainability is a big base for everything what we do. But Art and joy are in large part of the brand. works – Art and creativity should be fun. Transformation, change, transparency, and longevity in design. Art has been always close to Krista Virtanen ’s heart and she thinks that art belongs to everyone. and why it should be only something to put on the wall. works – Coming – Exhibition Fibers of the universe. Design’s collection 2021 “Haze from Food Waste” explored new bio-based textile dyes in the clothing industry, utilizing by-products from the food industry. The collection was shown In KOE 21 fashion show AND Helsinki fashion week 2021. read more: As a designer, Krista focuses on the entire life cycle of textiles and how we could design products right from the start, taking into account the entire life cycle until the last day of use. she is trying to find solutions to design clothes that can change over the time and where from customer can find always something new. In June 2019 Krista Virtanen was in Italy and presented her first knit collection in the finals of the Feel The Yarn competition. She desires to change the fashion business in a better direction and knitwear could be one way to do it. Read more : As a designer, Krista focuses on the entire life cycle of textiles and how we could design products right from the start, taking into account the entire life cycle until the last day of use. A part of the products in the collection have been dyed with new extracts from red and yellow onion peel. The extract is made by Natural Indigo Finland and it is a by-product of food production. Krista Virtanen wants to remind people to notice the beautiful things around us and how they affect our well-being. The purpose of the work is to open up and provoke a conversation on the topic: ‘do we even think where the red color of our jacket comes from?’The collection contains only mono materials (material that is 100% one material), which are much easier to recycle than mixed materials. She hasn´t used any accessories (such as zippers, buttons, etc). The sustainable aspect of the collection is an important, however without risking the visual integrity. If you’re interested to collab or just need someone to make your dreams come true, don’t hesitate to contact. @kristavirtanendesign. Krista Virtanen. See Us -Lapinlahti

SEE US 2022 was a culture event that brought together mental health promotion through the arts and fashion. It was organized by Krista Virtanen, Kati Määttä, Hannah Hietala and Anna Palmén. 

This represents Krista´s passion to bring people together and enjoying art, culture and fashion without limits. Art belongs to everyone. 

In addition to producing and creating, she presented her own minicollection called SENSES at the event.

See Us producer and fashion designer

Credits: Photographers: Mark Sergeev & Sanna Keränen, Models: Bagge Sene, Aleksandra Moorast & Ilena Koivuneva, Make Up: Roosa Leino team

SENSES -collection from a responsible point of view

The collection deals with ideas of how to be in better contact with our clothes and everything that we feel. Collection garments are made out of peace silk (It is silk produced without harming or killing the silkworms.) Krista has dyed every fabric with natural dyes. She has been using woad (indigo color, from Finland) and Finnish natural flowers for the dyeing process. All of the pieces are also designed to last and change. She is using only mono materials, so they are easier to recycle.